Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Meat Katie - Australian Tour Blog pt.1 [EXCLUSIVE]

I always look forward to heading out to Australia. I have had some of the best shows in life there. I’m a worrier by nature I over think everything – can’t help it - I try not to be complacent … anyhow this year (2008) has been getting me a little bit more nervous than normal for lots of different reasons. The Australians are very critical about international DJs (sometime unfairly), and as this will be my last set of shows in Oz for at least two years, it means a lot to me to leave my relationship with the Australians on a high.

I’ve decided to take a little time out of touring in general, get my head down and finish a new solo Meat Katie album, develop the Dustbowl project (with Elite Force), and give Lot49 some serious attention. It’s been hard recently with trying to do the Sessions comp (2 x cd’s is a lot tougher!), along with some massive changes in my personal life which I won’t bore you with, its been near on impossible to concentrate on anything, so to say the least I felt unprepared before i left.

Well Perth and Sydney were my first stops this weekend & I’ve attached a small clip of the Ambar show, and it seems my confidence was well and truly reinstalled, and I went on to have the same response in Sydney (although I think I celebrated the fact a bit too much with a load of people I met on the night - mostly Dopamine & Gemma (his girlfriend’s) friends). It’s also worth mentioning Karl Sav, Bell & Megan - lovely people who bravely jumped on a plane straight after the Perth show and accompanied me to Sydney for another round…. The weekend finally ground to a halt on Tuesday morning!!!

I will up date you when I hit Melbourne (which is a tough one for me – I’ve only smashed it twice……..[I mean properly smashed it!]).

Wish me luck!

Meat Katie’s Ministry of Sound ‘Sessions 8.1’ Mix CD is OUT NOW.


DJ Leto said...

What song is featured in the vid? Amazing!

Llupa said...

Bring on the Melbourne gig, 'tis gonna be huge!


Anonymous said...

Well Mark you've never disappointed the Kiwis :) ....Sign of an good artist IMHO...one that worries about the crowd and his performance ...keeps you firing on all cylinders!

Anonymous said...

I love zees latin trance sound El Meatrico is making. areeba areeba. We in Mexico love him very much.

Jose x

elite force said...

All about the trancino ... el Pemba never disappoints

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

Im coming out tonight to see you at Electric Light, didnt even know you were coming to Adelaide...Hopefully theres more than a handfull of people at the gig, we shall see.

Dj Leto asked what tune was playing, its THE SUBS _ Fuck That Shit.

See you soon mate.


Bill said...

Cheers Mark, looking forward to more great music.


Anonymous said...

I dont know what the deal was last night but Im pretty sure you werent in Adelaide:( Me and Dusk and Spark ( who was supposed to be playing after you ) came out to ELH to catch you but there was only some mong playing rnb to the messiest crew Ive seen in ages so you didnt miss anything. We ended up Baling home at just after 1:30... I still dont know what happened but it doesnt surprise me knowing how unorganised the ELH is... Anyway, I hope you having a blast on the rest at the rest of your gigs man and I hope to catch you soon :)

elite force said...

Full lowdown on Adelaide now on the Part2 post!