Thursday, 6 August 2009

[UP & COMING] DJ Carol Campos (Brazil) : Futurerave Mix

It's always a boost to come across people on the other side of the globe who are supporting the same kind of sounds as we are, so it was a pleasure to come across a new face (to me anyway) Carol Campos out of Brazil. Since 2002, she's been spreading her beats and basslines throughout southern Brazil, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. With only 3 months of professional experience, she got the residence at the biggest rave in southern Brazil: Fulltronic, playing
an exclusive mix of nuschool breaks, electro, techfunk and tech house, that guaranteed her to be one of the most booked djs in south Brazil.

She also has her own blog supporting the scene at - check it out & show her some love on her SOUNDCLOUD page where there are other mixes for you to grab if you like the sound of this :)

1- Dustbowl - Tipton [U&A]
2- Lutzenkirchen - Out of the Ordinary (Lutzenkirchen's Extraordinary Edit) [Spin Out Records]
3- James Cocooza - Garf (Dopamine Remix) [Lot49]
4- Dopamine - Come Closer (Original Mix) [Title Flight Recordings]
5- Richard Dinsdale - Future (Caninesounds Remix) [Spin Out Records]
6- Zodiac Cartel - We Don't Play That [U&A]
7- Pablo Decoder - Turbo [Lot49]
8- Alexander Robotnick - Obsession For the Disco Freaks (HeavyFeet Remix) [This is Music LTDA]
9- Fukkk Offf - Rave is King (Zodiac Cartel Mix) [Coco Machete Records]
10- Meat katie & Elite Force - Dark & Deep [U&A]
11- Black Twang - Travellin' (Elite Force Remix) (2008 Re-mash)
12- Caninesounds - Merrang (Si McEvoy Remix) [Spin Out Records]



fnoob said...

Great Mix and write up! Keep up the good work DJ Carol Campus

Carol Campos said...

Thanks for the support Mr. Force!

Very much appreciated :)

pdr said...

carol, with an amazing taste and mixing skills, rule the breaks scene in brazil for a while. good that now you know that! i've been sweating on the dancefloor for her many times... big up!

Anonymous said...

3 months experience... there are a lot more dj's out there (yes, even in Europe...) who play tech-funk with more originality in their sets and superb mixing skills, who have been pushing the sounds since YEARS and still remain totally unknown, even in their own countries... Maybe look for those people and push them, instead "newbies"... btw, yes, Carol's good an all hat, but still... seeing dj's being pushed like this when they've only "just" started, is kind of disrespectful for those others, who may not have the chance to be a girl or have good marketeers behind them... search, and you will find!

elite force said...

If you'd bothered to read it a little more carefully 'Anonymous', it says quite clearly that Carol has been Djaying since 2002. I think that over the course of 7 years she's earned her stripes, don't you?

Carol Campos said...

New mix at Soundcloud!

mids said...

I think the fact that Carol has bothered to contact Shack instead of him having to do all the work is testament to the fact that she's trying to get her name out there. You can't just sit back and let people come to you, you have to put in the work.

Anyway, nice one Carol. Great track selection. Good to see people pushing the sound globally. And I know it shouldn't matter but it's great to see some females representing too!

Keep it up and look forward to hearing a lot more from you in the future.