Friday, 28 August 2009

Parlez-vous Français?


I would like to introduce myself as a new contributor to this blog.
My name is Benjamin Vial, and I claim to be one of the few ambassadeurs of tech-funk in that country called France.
I will try to share things with you here, especially through the radio shows I've been hosting from nearly 2 years on Brap.FM, but also on other subjects, always tech funk related, of course!

Concerning the radio show, it is called Weekend Warmer and it usually hosts a guest mix by renowned DJ/producers, rising talents and fellow tech funkers. All previous shows can be heard and downloaded here, including mixes by the likes of Zoo Brazil, John Dahlbäck, Mowgli, Style Of Eye, Butter Party and more.
If you would like to have a mix of yours featured in a future show, just contact me.

Speak soon, and may the tech-funk be with you!


zuul said...

get off frenchie! :P

Benj said...

you obviously need a French course, young man!

zwwwwwwwwwl said...

j'deteste benjamin vial... hows that? :D

Benj said...

hahaha, pas mal! ;)