Saturday, 22 August 2009


For those of you lucky enough to be heading to the Burning Man this year (Wish I was!), here's Mr. Lee Coombs itinerary for your perusal... bloody spoilt for choice, I'm gonna sulk in a corner!!

THURSDAY 3rd September -

Garage Mahal - around 11pm - Breaks Set (This will be limited numbers and normally it's full from the start with all camp members which are a huge amount of fun!)

Nexus - 2am set (Love this crew, always have fun playing with them, guaranteed to go off!)

FRIDAY 4th September -

Robot Heart Bus - 12am set - That big bus that is made up of huge speakers!

Fish Mutant Sound Car - Not sure what time but after 1am.

SATURDAY 5th September -

THE BIG ONE! FUTURE TECH FUNK @ OPULENT TEMPLE 3AM SET AFTER THE BURN. (This will be EPIC, and hard to describe as anything but Awesome ;0P)

That's me this year, can't wait to see you out there.

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