Monday, 3 August 2009

Back catalogue: Dave Clarke - World Service [React] 2001

Digging through a mate's back catalogue last weekend I found Dave Clarke's double disc 'World Service' from 2001 on React. It has two discs, the first of which is a techno mix and the second an electro mix.

Disc 2 didn't do that much for me, with notable exceptions being tracks 3, Anthony Rother - Redlight district, and 12, Radiohead - Idioteque. Both of these still sound super fresh. I had a phase around 2004 of throwing Idioteque into my club sets on the memory of this mix.

The real reason for bringing this eight year old mixtape to your attention is Disc 2 - the techno mix.

Dave mixes in my preferred style of long overlays, the effective use of pan and echo off the board and the ability to blur the lines between one track and the next. It smells of classic Detroit, with a modern English slant on proceedings. That, and it has enough bowel-loosening bass to snap you out of your morning stupor. It includes artists we know and love like Marco Bailey, Joey Beltram, Jeff Mills, Umek and James Ruskin. It's great to hear that quality lasts.

World Service puts the tech before the funk... Check it out.

Check out Devil's Advocate when you're in the mood for procrastination.


andrew said...

I agree with this wholeheartedly. Never been much into techno before hearing this, and it sounds so relevant now. I saw him at Glade this year and he rocked the place (although Carl Craig was the real revelation).

Colonel K said...

Me and my mate listened to the techno mix 7 times in a row when we got this cd, its what got me into techno and I've seen Mr Clarke all over the world since, Legend