Thursday, 1 January 2009

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Happy New Year to everyone on the blog! Not had much tech-funkery to blog about of late; mainly been busy finding alternative sources of income, the economic slump has knocked the legs right out from under my studio. No big deal, wasn't really enjoying the pop-work so any excuse to do less of that was always going to be welcome.

Luckily - and many fingers crossed - my bar is still chugging along, and to kick start 2009 I'll be spinning for 4-5 hours tomorrow night starting about 1AM (Hong Kong is a +8GMT time zone). For those of you not in honkers, you can listen live and direct via the Yumla page on Awdio recently changed their business tack and dropped subscription fees altogether - live streaming from around the globe is free in exchange for an e-mail address. Go sign-up and I'll catch you in a few hours!

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