Friday, 16 January 2009

Ableton Live 8 Announced

Those clever German chaps at Ableton have just announced the latest incarnation of their software, Live 8. It comes with a raft of new features, including a new 'groove' engine, upgrades to the warping system, some new effects, a 'Looper' device as well as forthcoming collaborations using Cycling '74 Max/MSP software.

Full hype here.


cow741 said...

This seems pretty decent to my naive eyes, any comments from the regular users of such software?

james fox said...

I haven't tried the new one as it's not released yet, but version 7 is a fantastic piece of software. I never really connected with a sequencer until i used Live, and I can't see myself ever changing especially with the updates that are due.

Overall, I couldn't recommend it enough!

(Sales pitch ends...)

Funkasaurus said...

Can't wait for this, my fave bit of software out there.