Friday, 23 January 2009

Far Too Loud - All Is Machine

Artist: Far Too Loud
Release: All Is Machine w/ Specimen A Rmx
Label: Funkatech
Release Date: 02.02.09

Far Too Loud kickstarts their new series ‘Music For Machines’ with a genre blurring techno fueled track that bangs just one door over from Goa of days gone. And I mean that in a good way. One minute in and this track is slaughterhousing. And at the half the low end rises up, like all good bass these days is obliged to do, and drops to a break that already holds a special place in my crate (and cd book and gig stick). The tone is dark, with minor riffs throughout, further shaded by the relentlessness expected of the FTL camp. This is the tune for those of us who appreciate the funk that punches like concrete.

Specimen A tones things down for the rub with a breakbeat interpretation that bends the sounds and varies the presentation. Compared to the Original, it does notch down the energy, but this still delivers the goods on all fronts. It plays out very similarly to previous FTL output with strong, jarring edits on the turns and phrase changes that keep things interesting. But with this mix, I’m really diggin the emphasis on the patches and the vocal, and damn if that’s not a perfect future funk hook.

All Is Machine (Specimen A Remix)
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