Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Get In Where Ya Fit In

I've been out of the loop for a bit, paying my dues in a suit by day and re-tooling the machine, calibrating the frequency by night. I spent some time building up a beast and reorganizing its contents...what a chore that was. But while my head remains a mess, the sample library is finally in order.

I've also been shackin up with an indie band for the last couple of months. Playin bass, trading the carpal tunnel and screen tan for callouses and blood blisters. It's been alright but the initial enthusiasm has worn off. And more than anything, I realize that the indie and rock crowds sometimes annoy me. For the most part, the people just stand there, arms folded, at most head nodding. They clap or hollar out after each song, and a couple of the prettier ones have followed me home, but overall, it feels slightly lacking in spirit. Maybe it's just that I don't believe in playing music for people who don't want to dance.

Things are looking up though. Toolroom this weekend. Evil Nine in a couple of weeks. Yes. And soon the weeklong industry leaning, whore parade that passes for a future glimpse of music, better known as south by will descend upon my streets. And there are always great moments to be found in there. One just has to filter through overcrowded bills, hotel lobbies, or any number of afterparties. Viva la hipster and all that shit. But they put out, and given enough drinks, they'll sometimes even dance to the rock and roll music (where's the ghost of Lou Reed when he's really needed?).

So the cycle has begun anew - we're all a month into another trip around the sun. And on these shores, imminent doom has been replaced by hope. And as always, there are new tunes to be made, to be heard, and to be hyped. The Tech Funk sound will be pushed even further this year. By all accounts, the blogs have almost entirely replaced the locals behind the counters. And this blog will continue to do its part to help expose new music. More news, reviews, tunes and a few choice interviews. So to any labels or artists who've just recently stumbled upon our pages: get in touch with us if ya feel your sound fits in here. This goes out to those familiar to TFM as well.

All good things to all of you.

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