Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Breakspoll Voting

So the voting has begun at Breakspoll again for this year's awards, and despite some very 'barbed' comments about certain producers 'jumping ship onto the electro house bandwagon' (jeez), and some notable omissions from the drop down menus they are using this year (to further distance themselves from producers who are clearly making the wrong kind of breaks / tech-funk?), I would still ask everyone on here who can be arsed, to step up & vote, to ensure that there is at least a little balance to the results.

1 comment:

Adan said...

'notable omission' may be an understatement. couldn't find where it was clarified as to why the omissions were made. but by now, many a breakbeat producer have incorporated 4/4 and house elements, so the arguement seems flawed in general.