Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Zodiac Cartel : DJ Mix for Kiss FM

Apologies if things have bee a little bit quieter than normal of late, but I've been slammed with all sorts of other commitments. Still, this should go some way to compensating for it. Here's an exclusive DJ set that Zodiac Cartel did for broadcast on the Loose Cannons show on Kiss FM on 2nd April in support of forthcoming single 'We Don't Play That' and their memorable performance at this year's Snowbombing Festival. Their classic remix of Calvertron's 'Doggy Style' was also released this week on Beatport.

Tracklisting goes like this:

01 ZC intro

02 Calvertron - Doggy Style (Zodiac Cartel Mix) [Jack Knife]
03 Bass Weasel - Break the Bomb (respect to Kenny Dope) [CDR]
04 Clark Able - Lemon Head (Hijack Mix) [ESP]

05 Zodiac Cartel - We Don't Play That [U&A Recordings]

06 Rene Van Munster - Noodles (Zodiac Cartel Mix) [Jack Union]

07 Fakerz Unite - Mashup on Mars [CDR]
08 Jesse Brooks - I've See The Future (Zodiac Cartel Mix) [Monism]
09 Fukkk Offf - Rave is King (Zodiac Cartel Mix) [Coco Machete]

10 Zodiac Cartel - Beyond The Dancefloor [Wearhouse Music]

... and you can download the set right here.


Potty Mouth Music said...

FYI - 04 Clark Able - Lemon Head (Hijack Mix) is NOT on Potty Mouth, cheers.

elite force said...

Sorry mate - should be ESP I think.

chad north said...

new zodiac cartel DJ mix! woo-hoo!! last one in december had me beat-drunk for days... now, if only we could hear these guys live... ;)

Stude said...

Great stuff if a little short, been playing this and the December one lots.