Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Hyperion call time with a classic Brisbane show

U&A favourites Hyperion have decided to call time on their much vaunted project. They have been highly lauded in recent months for their brilliant take on the tech-funk blueprint, giving us singles such as 'On The Expressway' and mind-blowing remixes for Dylan Rhymes (I Am Sweet), Elite Force (Peyote Road) and Meat Katie & Elite Force (Dark & Deep), and developing a punishing techno-orientation to their sound.

Before you begin the bleating about 'how, why, when, what the fuck are they thinking (etc...), it's been forced upon them as a consequence of the multiplicity of other acts using the same name, and they are now steeling themselves to be re-born under new monicker The Loops of Fury. With a clear tip of the hat to the Chemical Brothers, the new material is nothing short of astounding, and back on Saturday 18th April, they stunned the Moonbar in Brisbane with a tour de force set which put a perfect full stop on the past, whilst bringing in the future with a slew of new material and fresh mixes. Check the video below, and keep locked onto the Manifesto for the first previews of the new Loops of Fury material, set to drop on U&A in June.

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