Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Elite Force DJ set for JJJ, Australia

An exclusive one-hour mix set from Elite Force as broadcast on JJJ, Australia's premier national radio station, on 11th April 2009.

01 Unknown - Keep on Truckin' (Streetlife DJs) (extract) [CDR]

02 Lee Coombs - Future Sound of Retro (Unreleased mix) [CDR]

03 The Loops of Fury - Flick A Switch [U&A]

04 Zodiac Cartel - We Don't Play That (Pablo Decoder Mix) [U&A]

05 Zodiac Cartel - We Don't Play That (Original Mix) [U&A]

06 Elite Force & Meat Katie - Believe [U&A]

07 EF Mashup - Who Blew The Final Whistle [CDR]

08 Felguk - Guess What (Miles Dyson Mix) [Plasmapool]

09 H2 - The Trot [Audio Glue]

10 Slam - Hotter Knives (Elite Force Re-fix) [CDR]

11 Rektchordz - Popomatic [U&A]

12 EF Mashup - Nutron + Blowup = Panic [CDR]

13 EF Mashup - Force Controls The Engine [CDR]

14 Adam K - Ragnarok (Jelo Mix) [CDR]

15 Zodiac Cartel - Beyond The Dancefloor [Wearhouse Music]

16 AC Slater - Rock It Out [CDR]

17 Unknown - Konflict (Bulgarian b00t) [CDR]





tellurian said...

Jumpin Jolly Jumbucks thats a bewdy mix cobber!

Funkasaurus said...


Redboy said...

this is makin my night, thanks man.

agath said...

super ;)

cow741 said...

hell yeah man

Stude said...

Another great mix, keep'em coming!

elite force said...


Chris said...

you rock!