Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Breakfastaz Release & Mix

Artist: Breakfastaz
Release: Acting Wrong / Girls, Money, Drink & Drugs (CTRL Z Rmx)
Label: The Breakfast Club
Release Date: May 2009

Acting Wrong is club oriented new school breakbeat with an uptempo bassline that gets under the skin and a synth that gets up in the rafters. It’s completely a vocal based track, with really nice work by Meshach, that will go over big with the females on most dancefloors. Most of the higher placed elements straddle the progressive and trance breaks sound, which may throw a few jocks from the uplifting tone, but the changeups and drumwork are solid enough to make some overlook or fully embrace the tune.

The flip will appeal to those looking for more banging, head shredder breaks, as this version of Girls, Money, Drink and Drugs comes courtesy of CTRL Z featuring MC Ivory. The intro is an extended build that throws quite a few elements in the mix from the outset. Distorted guitar snippets and effected bits of the original, including the vocal hook, create a tension that peaks with an acid break that targets the prime time. A minor tuned, classic synth stab and the aforementioned acid slant add to the cut, and help to balance against the somewhat lengthy breakdowns throughout. All in all though, this is a ripping interpretation that should find a fair amount of favour with those still dropping the breakbeat.

1. Granite, Pendulum, Breakfastaz remix & Girls Money Drink & Drugs, Breakfastaz, Acapella

2. The Slammer, Freestylers, Affinity Remix

3. Die Tonight, Innerparty System, LA Riots Remix

4. Acting Wrong, Breakfastaz

5. Rip Groove, Double 99

6. Modern Age, Radioplastic, N.A.P.T Remix

7. 8Bits of Pie, Breakfastaz

8. Blow, Ivory, Affinity Remix

9. Invaders Must Die, The Prodigy & Show Me Love Acapella

10. Rocket Soul, The Plump Dj's & M.I.A Creator

11. Shock, Stereotype

12. Omen, The Prodigy, Noisia Remix

13. Raven, Proxy

14. Skism, Back Off

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