Wednesday, 1 April 2009

new album in progress - join me

Just a quick heads-up, have recently started work on a new album and decided to share the entire working process online. As an avid album buyer, I still find 'band at work' photos printed on sleeve art quite possibly the coolest thing ever.

So to mimic this idea, I am posting images from my camera phone every few hours to my Blogger blog. I expect the album will take about a year, just completed the first song last night, and there will be a photo going online every few hours until the CD is released.

Through the images I'm hoping you can follow my train of thought, see some of the people & gear & locations I work with, where I find sources of inspiration ... or just see how bad things get when the motivation dries up!

Not posting video clips, they are to literal. Nor posting work in progress MP3s, that would just ruin the album.

Hope you enjoy the (wish I had a better word to use next...) journey, please comment on what you see, and I'm more that happy to answer any & all questions along the way.

Albeit with a slight delay, the most recent photo links are automatically mirrored to my Twitter page, if you are that way inclined.


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Evan Exempt said...

Rad -- YOU NUT!! Stick with it!