Friday, 18 July 2008

Strongarm Sessions :: The Final Show (July 2008)

Exclusive three-hour mix from your host, Elite Force.

Welcome to the Strongarm Sessions Endgame.

Six & a half years ago I began broadcasting a weekly show using some dodgy old software on my Mac & streaming live two-hour sets to the 'world' via the servers over in the US. With a hand-held mic, the sirens of south east London blaring in the background, an irreverent online chatroom and my manic puppydog, Spears, periodically running off with my headphones, it was a random affair to say the least ... and one that became even more so after I moved out to the country to enjoy an isolation which was splendid, save for the lack of broadband for two whole years. During this time I drove 150 miles to London & back to play live from the studios of BreaksFM every Thursday - harsh times, but they did build a massive following for the show, and one that has only been enhanced during the last 3 years with protonradio.

With the show routinely receiving over 20,000 downloads per session & having racked up no fewer than 4 Breakspoll Nominations for Best Radio Show, I've had a blast doing it, but I've also realized recently that the time is now right for a chance of focus, and whilst it won't necessarily be the 'end' of the Sessions, there will be no further regular shows after this one, as I look to focus on running my U&A imprint, and spending more time working on new music. As ever, the Tech-Funk forum, and Strongarm Sessions Mailing List remain the primary places to head to for information on the music you've been hearing over the years, and I'd suggest that you sign up to the mailing list if you're not already a member, as this will be the first place to receive notification of any future downloadable mixsets as well as offering up free guestlist places for most shows.


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Here are some other options to download the mp3:

DOWNLOAD MIRROR (Tibilisi, Georgia)

:: Elite Force Mix ::

01 Rolling Stones - You Can't Always Get What You Want (Soulwax mix) [CDR]
02 Re Dupre - Sound is Sexy (Original) [Lo Kik]
03 Modeselektor - The White Flash (feat Thom Yorke) (Trentemoller Mix) [BPitch Control]
04 Ned Shepard - A Fine Balance (Lutzenkirchen Mix) [Harem]
05 Ido Ophir & Miki Litvak - Shnorkel [eVapour8]
06 Hyperion - Gotta Hold It (Calvertron Mix) [U&A}
07 Harnessnoise - Take No Connect (TG Mix) [Phobic]
08 Paolo Mojo - Home [CDR]
09 Eargasm - Everybody Dance [L8-Night]
10 Zodiac Cartel - Robots (part one) [CDR]
11 Unknown - Unknown [CDR]
12 Presets - My People (DIM Mix) [CDR]
13 Elite Force - White Lightning (Broombeck Mix) [U&A]
14 Workidz - Washingmachine [Toolroom]
15 Perc - Cylinder Swing [CDR]
16 Mark Brown - New Heights (Christian Smith & John Selway Mix) [CDR]
17 Hardfloor - Silver Box (EF re-touch) [Hardfloor/CDR]
18 Fake Blood - Blood Splashing (Fake Blood theme) [CDR]
19 Unknown - Violator (Jack Beats Mix) [CDR]
20 Elite Force - Jack the Joint (Zodiac Cartel's Bumpin' Mix) [U&A]h
21 Sharon Philips Vs the Bassface [CDR]
22 Hatiras & Jelo - Donkey Punch [Hatrax]
23 Refunk - Mr. Mole (Rektchordz Mix) [ReConnect]
24 Ryan Galbraith - This is My Sound [CDR]
25 D Ramirez - Venus & Mars (Meat Katie & D Ramirez Mix) [Lot49]
26 X-Press2 - Smoke Machine (James Talk Mix) (EF Re-master) [Skint/CDR]
27 TJR - Sonic Chronic [Wearhouse]
28 New Originals - 1979 [White]
29 Chemical Brothers - Electronic Battle Weapon #10 [Virgin]
30 The Subs - Papillon (Yuksek & Brodinski Mix) [Lelktroluv]
31 Wolfgang Gartner - Frenetica [Kindergarten]
32 Noir - Planta [Noir Music]
33 Freaxx Brothers - Tension (Popof Mix) [CDR]
34 Dubfire - Emissions [Minus]
35 Aquaviva & Madox - Feedback (Original Mix) [Mantra]
36 Cirez D - Knockout [Mouseville]
37 Evil Nine - Lovers Not Fighters (BLIM mix) [Botchit]
38 Stri Fry - Breakin' on the Streets (PMT mix) [Kilowatt]
39 Marco Bailey & Tom Hades - Blast [MB Elektronics]
40 Alex Dolby - Hazy Way (Evil Nine Mix) [Mantra Breaks]
41 The Roots feat. Lior Attar - Lo Step [Quad]
42 Frank & Nancy Sinatra - Something Stupid [CDR]

::: end of transmission :::

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