Friday, 25 July 2008

Holidayyyy (it feels so right....)

Ahh the holiday season is finally upon us ... well me anyway. This year's been a bit of a mental one really. So far my U&A imprint has released no fewer than 8 singles with at least 6 more scheduled before the end of the year, which has been _huge- workload for a one-man operation. Factor in a constant diet of DJaying on the weekends, processing & attempting to absorb the 100+ tracks a week that make it to my inbox and a daft studio schedule of remixes, originals & playstation game work that's also included the instigation of a brand new techno-orientated project with Meat Katie (under the name
Dustbowl), it feels like a holiday is THE FUCKING TICKET.

So, whilst I will have email over the next couple of weeks, expect things to quieten down somewhat on the blog/forum front & I'll be back in action at the
Bloom Festival on my return. First up though I'm thoroughly looking forward to this weekend's action at the wickerman festival. If you're heading up there, I'm playing 12.20 - 2am, and with Meat Katie, Dylan Rhymes and Rogue Element in tow, it's sure to be one for the tech-funk mahooosive.



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Blandf said...

A well deserved break I think, bravo on your year so far Shack, you gotta be pleased? Looking forward to what that 'Dustbowl' venture has to offer.