Saturday, 26 July 2008

Diskobreaks (Maelstrom's Deadend Mix)

Artist: Redux w/ Maelstrom Rmxs
Release: Diskobreaks
Label: Katorza

New label Katorza recently made its debut with an electro and techno hybrid titled Diskobreaks. It's been a staple in many a DJs set for a while now, as it's a heavy package all around, but the standout cut here is Mael's Deadend Mix. It's unabashedly techno for the biggest of rooms with an unyielding energy that delivers the filth and the fury to every corner of the dancefloor. The original elements are treated to an unhealthy dose of distortion and layered upon a punishing foundation that peaks with twisted textures and change ups. Not for the faint of heart, and most likely too tough for many a set, but when the right crowd is pumpin fists for more, this is the tune to turn to.

Diskobreaks (Maelstrom's Deadend Mix)


disuye said...

Bloody hell! Leaves nothing to chance this one, does it :)

DJ MELEE said...

rough and rugged discofunk! feeling it.

Lee Durant said...

I've looked on beatport and juno download for this, but no joy.

Is it available on download?

Adan said...

hey lee, sorry for the delay in responding back. yeah, i've yet to find it available digitally. i've pinged mael asking if this will change. will post again when he responds. otherwise, viva le vinyl.

Lee Durant said...

Yeah sweet. I have no problems buying tracks on vinyl. As a local guy I still tote a bag of those tricks about to gigs. Me likey wax.

Maelstrom said...

hey Adan, cheers for this very nice review ! and thank u guys for the support

Diskobreaks EP will be available at every good digital shop early sept.

Katorza 02 : Maelstrom Ft. Mc Youthstar " The Beat Police"
will be released early october, i'll upload clips upon the myspace next week