Friday, 18 July 2008

Nice to meet ya

You know it’s going to be a good day when one of the most instrumental figures in defining a fresh and widely encompassing genre invites you to contribute your thoughts and opinions into the context of one of his newest endeavors. It’s a pleasure to be included in the forward momentum and chronicling of a sound that has encapsulated a large portion of my musical explorations throughout the years. I’ll be submitting reviews of new and upcoming releases that showcase or in some way exemplify the tech funk sound. And I’m sure the occasional rant about this or that pertaining to the electronic macrocosm and/or a producers place within (or without) it will find an escape from my fingers and take refuge somewhere in this blog.

I’ll try to refrain from being too long winded in future posts, but music has always been my central preoccupation and as such, I find quite a lot to go on about. Insomnia, industrial amounts of caffeine, and sometimes unhealthy delusions of gonzo-like grandeur are all regular factors (read culprits) as well. It’s my sincere hope to provide interesting reads, insightful commentary, and a personal perspective into the innovative breadth that this sound presently inhabits. Much thanks to sHack for the invitation.

For anyone interested in forwarding music or interesting (and relevant) tidbits or general information for consideration and possible inclusion into future posts, please contact me at

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elite force said...

Great to have u on board mate :)