Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Quick Introduction

First order of business: Thanks sHack aka Mr. Elite Force for
inviting me to post blogs on the TFM. For those reading who do not
know me, I am a record producer & mix engineer based out in Hong
Kong, living / releasing / occasionally DJing / getting arrested
under the name Dan F. Google "disuye" and that'll be me or one of my
studio crew scribbling on teh interweb; Disuye both being the name of
my tiny label and modestly sized production company. My day-job is
producing, mixing & pre-mastering commercial music for the Chinese,
SE Asian and Australian pop market whereas and my night-job is filthy-
noisy-shuddering industrial and a bit of techy-breaky-housey
weirdness. Flip phase on one line of output and they cancel out. I am
carbon neutral in terms of music.

Will leave sHack to post about new artists, touring, tracks, the
business and such. My specific areas of interest revolve around
studio technology and making noise. I will make no apologies for
posting up seemingly irrelevant technical waffle! If you don't get
it, then ask me questions or skip to the next post. From time to time
I will comment on the music industry but in all honesty, whatever
happens in the next 5 years will be irrelevant in the next

Feel free to ask me questions, technical or otherwise. Images show
you where my blogs will originate from – most of the time!


elite force said...

Great to have you on board Dan. I want your studio.


Paul (Stretch) said...

That is a very handsome studio Dan. The fruits of your labour I suppose.

disuye said...

many many many hours of tuning pop singers went into paying for that space ... now I just need many many more hours to get some better toys!

coach_mcguirk said...

Hey Dan - Ant pka Scissorkicks here. Obviously not doing dance music any more, but am full time managing some studios at a university here in blighty.

Interested in the build of your studio - is that a hard floor? If so, how do you find it? I'm guessing the array of traps behind the monitor might be there to compensate for high frequencies being thrown around?

Take care, speak soon!