Thursday, 17 July 2008

DJ Hyper Arrested

Then released again. Gotta love headlines! Spent all weekend with
Hyper in Hong Kong. He spent a few days longer here than he
originally intended. The outdoor party he was playing at (alongside
the Plump DJs) was raided by a couple hundred of HK's finest shortly
after kick-off (due to the promoter not having secured the correct
licenses ... doh!). And as a consequence of checking everyone's ID
cards & Passports (required by law to be carried in HK) Hyper had his
collar felt for DJing without a work visa. Funny thing was that the
local press reported the arrest of "the Plump DJ" ... glad they took
the time to get facts right. I noted Guy had put on a few pounds

They were never going to charge him (2 months mandatory sentence if
you're brown. Slap on the wrists if you're white. Sad but true.) but
the nature of the process meant they had to keep him 24 to 48 hours
so Immigration had time to respond. Touring DJs beware! HK gets you a
36 hour stint in the nick. In Bangkok it'll cost you a couple hundred
clams to walk free. Do Malaysia even have Police? In Singapore they
ram bamboo spikes up your funk passage then hang you just for the
hell of it. Allegedly.

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macacinho said...

lol.. that sux tho..