Thursday, 18 March 2010

Phil Kieran :: Promo Mix & Free 320 MP3

Again and Again (free 320) and Phil Kieran DJ Mix Click Here

Phil will be joining 'The Likes Of You' tour in Australia in April, and to celebrate he's done a mini mix which is downloadable through his website. He's also decided to give out a free 320 of 'Again & Again' which was first released on his Flying Cabbage label. Speaking of releases, Cocoon Recordings is already offering pre-order vinyl of Phil Kieran's ‘SHH’ remix Ep. Preview here:

Phil Kieran: Shh Remixes by cocoonrecordings

Phil Kieran [cocoon] 'SHH' remix Ep has finally landed

With a well-earned remix refill, Cocoon Recordings is taking a bow before the Belfast-born DJ and producer Phil Kieran, whose "Shh" album from last year, like rarely another album release, was able to prove how fresh, futuristic and complex the modern Techno can sound. The record starts with the Berlin-based duo Pan-Pot, who have had releases on Ware, Mobilée, SCI+TEC and Sender, and turns "Blood of Barcelona" into a subsonic work horse that sends shivers down the spine fans of reductionist Techhouse á la Dubfire and Radio Slave. Also the Dutch newcomer talent Egbert van der Gugten ennobles his remix with a comparably hypnotic bass line, but lets his track drift into the sunrise with Dub elements and a choir layer so beautifully that you indeed wish for an endless loop here. The same track is reworked by Patrick Kunkel - Cocoon's head of digital distribution - over nine and a half cliff-hanging minutes somewhere between harmonic ostinato sounds and pumping Techdub Guy-Gerber-style. "Playing With Shadows" has been remixed by Kevin Gorman and Ingo Boss deals with "Blood Of Barcelona", just as Pan-Pot. The sextet is completed by Matador's digital-exclusive remix of "Dirt", a track with distorted cellar noises and an unmistakable plucked bass, that is always carried by an organic warmth, in spite of all surprising noises and sounds. That's how versatile Techno can be in 2010.

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Digital April 12th 2010 in the meantime you can get the SHH album here.;

"Phil's music has always been on the cutting edge of electronic music ,he has defied easy
categorization and helped to steer electronic music into exciting and uncharted territory".


Beatportal Feature Interview 'SHH'

SHH Album on Beatport Sample/Buy

SHH Album at Cocoon Sample/Buy

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