Tuesday, 2 March 2010

[EXCLUSIVE] General Zod returns ... now with added Powerchords!

The General (as he likes to be known around these parts) is BACK once again, and this time he brings Powerchords. Tai's 'Powerchords' that is ... for those who don't know that much about Tai (where the f*ck have you been) he's recently remixed the likes of Sharam Jay, Tomcraft, DJ Godfather and Coburn and has collaborated with the likes of Tim Healey, and most notably D.I.M. with who he produced the marvellous 'Lyposuct' on BoysNoize records last year (and in doing so provided them with about the only thing worth listening to for a good 18 months!).

Now signed to Coco Machete with this new single, 'Powerchords', the Manifesto is delighted to have the first airing of the HUGE Zodiac Cartel remix, dropping soon.

For more info on Zodiac Cartel > http://www.zodiaccartel.com
For more info on Coco Machete > http://cocomachete.com/

Tai - Powerchords (Zodiac Cartel Remix) [128k TASTER] by Zodiac Cartel

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