Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Elite Force > Live in Prague (VIDEO)

Sometimes being a DJ is such a damned privilege. That was most definitely the way I felt in Prague this Saturday night just gone. I'd heard things from friends of mine about the Cross Club, but I wasn't really prepared for the sheer scale of invention that this club boasts from basement to top floor.

If anything, it reminded me of Burning Man in microcosm ... an incredible array of futuristic metalwork and all manner of recycled materials adorn every space, and many of them are motorized and individually backlit. There are neon-strip fans rotated from the ceiling and the main room felt like the inside of a giant, sinister watch. There are beautiful hanging lights made from inverted lemon squeezers, a dungeon of a basement, old diner chairs wrapped around twisted metal tables, rotating hubcap stools and a mezzanine like some arch-industrial Alice in Wonderland.

At the very top there is a huge, expansive chillout zone where the medium changes completely, and suddenly everything is made from wood - soft lighting, mellow music, airy, spacious ... it's like entering a temple through the backdoor or a club. If you're ever in Prague and get a chance, check it out ... well worth a trip!

The track featured is 'The Law of Life' from the 'Revamped' album from Elite Force which is OUT THIS WEEK.

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