Monday, 8 March 2010

Benga - 26 Basslines (Elite Force Re-Fix) FREE 320

With around 6,000 listens already clocked up on Soundcloud, and props from many of the biggest names within what Soul of Man so eloquently call 'The non-compliant beats scene', the Elite Force re-fix of Benga's '26 Basslines' has been hugely sought after (to say the least). On the day that his 'Revamped' album is finally released
, the Benga mix has also been set-free as a FREE DOWNLOAD, adding to the three, previously available 'Prevamped' tracks (Deadmau5, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TC & Caspa).

"Thanks to Elite Force, we have entered a whole new paradigm in mashupology ... he has created a collection of numbers that sound like original compositions, such are the intricacies of his tailoring." [iDJ Magazine]
"From dubstep to tech-funk, this electrifying bunch of ace mash-ups mixed into a coherent, genre-traversing blend is a must-have" [DJ Magazine (album reviews)]
"This is one of the single most important, captivating and crucial mixes / album of the new decade" [InTheMix Magazine]
"Hands down the most powerful release at the turn of the new year." [Knowledge Magazine]
"The originator of the anti-genre DJ-style 'tech-funk' takes the realms of cross-genre production to another effortless high with Re:Vamped. In a nutshell, this kicks. 5/5" [Mixmag Reviews]

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FREE DOWNLOAD - Benga - 26 Basslines (Elite Force Re-Fix)

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Ro.B said...

one of the best breakbeat tune for the last time