Monday, 2 February 2009

Rektchordz :: Promo Mix Jan'09

Since turning his production skillz away from the tear-out sounds of yesteryear, Rektchordz has been going from strength to strength recently, with his chart-topping 'Feed Your Head' tune beating all comers hands down at Beatport. Anyway, he has very kindly sent us through a promo-mix ... not really a DJ mix per se, more a headz up for some of the quality tracks coming your way later in the year.

1.Rektchordz-No Dice (erase recordings)
2.Rektchordz- Her Fix
3.Rektchordz Feed your head (U&A)
4.Rektchordz-dizzy lounge
5.Rektchordz-These girls
6.Rektchordz- Feed your head (elite force remix) (U&A)
7.Jinx- Big fat ass (IF:IM Remix) (yellow finger)
8.COSMONAUT & SATELLITES - Sunrise (IF:IM Remix) Xssr
9.Rektchordz-Tramp Stamp (control breaks)

PEEP IT HERE (yousendit)

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Sheriff said...

Thanx so much to lets have a sneeky hear to you upcoming tunes sick!! thanx