Friday, 3 October 2008

Koma and Bones - Hit Me / Guns, Guts and God

Artist: Koma & Bones
Release: Hit Me w/ Guns, Guts, and God
Label: Burrito
Release Date: TBC

After an extended sojourn in straight kick country, Koma and Bones continue the peak of their last couple of Burrito offerings and return again to the broken beat with a huge release to satiate the faithful. The Burrito boys follow up ‘Body Count’ by delivering a big room party number, aptly titled 'Hit Me'. It’s backed with the heavy groover, 'Guns, Guts, and God', that itself is more akin to their recent Lot49 remix, or their output from last year.

From first listen, ‘Hit Me’ immediately became one of my favourite tunes of the past few months. This is big party, straight rave madness with extended breakdowns that’ll turn crowds upside down in anticipatory frenzies. I cannot say enough about the breakdown - it’s just a baller, boastful set up to a hammer of an electro breaks phrase. The peak of which incorporates a huge siren, a monster roller low end and pattern work galore. The female vocal sample repeats ‘Hit Me’ and the tune certainly obliges with the high calibre toughness Koma and Bones are notorious for. Guaranteed to hit the dancefloor with a wallop as hard as a bathtub comedown after three days on the grind.

‘3G’ continues the welcome transition back to what we find on the A side. This is to say, it works as a genre-toggler, and is quite the effective track for shifting gears or just simply getting dirtier with the basslines. It further subdues the boys’ occasional penchant for abrasive elements (the likes of which climaxed round ‘Skyscraper’) and keeps things squarely in a dancefloor friendly context. This is low slung, distorted bassline business that refrains from peaking out completely, choosing instead to bang out with the crushed overtones and relentless drum programming that makes up the bulk of this track. Solid stuff.

Koma and Bones - Guns, Guts, and God

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