Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Bleek's Artist of the Moment: Hybrid

Welcome to Artist of the Moment; what does this column entail? I’ll update each fortnight with the latest artist of the moment (In this case, the artist that I seem to listen to the most over that period of time)
Who are the ones this week? Hybrid.

Look, I’ll say this; I stopped listening to Hybrid for a while. No new material and more focus on touring the world meant that other artists had to fill the void left in their absence. They’re back with Formula of Fear, a single leading into the eventual release of their new album.

Why are they the artist of the moment? Formula of Fear is exactly what I love about Hybrid. It made me jump back in time and listen to their debut LP, one of the greatest albums ever produced – Wide Angle. It also made me fire up Morning Sci Fi (Their second LP) and I Choose Noise (Their third LP). All of which hold each to their own unique styles, but still retain the fantastically vast sound that Hybrid presents.

Upon looking back, I also noticed how much influence Hybrid actually had on my work and I’m sure they’ve done wonders for other artists. Our very own Elite Force holds them in high regards and so do a lot of other notable artists. They hold the benchmark for what is capable out of the Electronic music scene (And all of its little babies).

Formula of Fear is available from DJDownload, Beatport and good Digital Distribution

1 comment:

chadnorth said...

i'd like to second that...

hybrid heavily influenced my interest in electronic music and remain, truly, a class act in breaks.

formula of fear is fucking bad ass.