Monday, 20 October 2008

Crookers : On the Mix (Oct '08)

I have to say I haven't been the biggest fan of the Crookers - sure, a year or so ago when they were windin' up more of a baile sound, it was real fun dropping the odd track in sets, but in the past year there's been too much f*dget heading into cartoon buffoonery territory, which ultra-abrasive and groove-free productions (if you thought the Metallica album sounded bad, then try Trevor Lovey's 'Maximization Nation' for size - deliberately ironic I know, but oh dear on the ear).

Anyway, always up for hearing what the group leaders are up to, here's a new mix from the Italian duo - make up yer own minds :)

Crookers on the mix from BBC Asia.

1. Brand New - Beastie Boys
2. Jags Klimax ft. Sarbjit - mama so proud crookedit
3. Unknown - Crookers
4. Mujava - Township funk Original + C KKOMPANY -Speaker Bajae +Crookedit
5. Kids - MGMT , Soulwax rmx
6. Jah Jah Me No Born Yah - Cornell Campbell
7. The Cut - Benga
8. Moneymaker - Dj Deeon feat. Dj Funk
9. Tigerstyle+Pelao - Isa GT feat. Crookers
10. Under The Sun - Herve mix
11. GNG BNG - Flying Lotus + DES_C - NACHNA HONDA
12. Joan of Ark - Crookers Pimp My Ark mix


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I like Maximazation Nation, would definitely have to disagree with the 'grooveless' tag on that!