Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Soul Of Man :: DJ Set from BoC (RIPEcast)

Introducing THE RIPEcast, a brand new weekly podcast featuring the musical stylings of the famed San Francisco-based DJ collective The Space Cowboys (and their friends). The Cowboys are launching The RIPEcast in style with live recordings from the 10-Year Anniversary of their legendary Breakfast of Champions New Year's Day Party. Next up on THE RIPEcast: Soul of Man's (Finger Lickin' Records) mushroom-cloud-layin' set from the main room at BoC.

Breakfast of Champions and his set as described by Justin from Soul of Man:

"I arrived in San Fran on the 30th to stay with fellow cowboy Murphstar and spent the following day rummaging through my tunes. The brief – New year, funky, breakbeat, party, classics, Finger Lickin’- the result is what you have for your sonic delight. I started with an unusual jungle tune ‘Strange Things’ from Count Sinden that got mashed up with some happy new year toasting from the infamous Ragga Twins and then smashed into Deekline’s booty of ‘Outer Space’. Tried and tested classic that set the party mood. I was trying to get the cowboys to open the dark curtains because it all seemed too night time for a day time party but the ravers just weren’t having it! The curtains remained firmly drawn and the aural assault was underway. Elite Force’s outstanding burning man anthem of Deadmau5 was next to destroy, followed by DJ Fixx’s ‘Shake it’. One of my favourite house producers of recent years is Miles Dyson his ‘Outro’ track always delivers with a mighty punch with its classical strings and devastating bass line. Next up was a cheeky bootleg of Alan Braxe’s ‘Intro’. See what I did there -‘Outro’ then ‘Intro’(!!); following this a monster rerub from Krafty Kuts called ‘Funk Nasty’ featuring Grandma Funk. Then one of my faves of 2009, the awesome South Rakkas Crew, ragga overload and remixed by the mighty talent of Fake Blood – a marching anthem of epic proportions, a tune that is neither breaks nor house but commands all crew to unite.

No set would be complete without a Plump DJs tune, their ‘I’ll Be Good’ always vibes up the room, as does Finger Lickin’s remix of the year...Rising star Peo De Pitte delivered an incredible take on the Drumattic Twins ‘Crazy Love’ which was followed by a cheeky mash up booty that I was given in the Ukraine at an incredible festival on a beach by Russian superstar dj Lady Waks. It mashes up her ‘Minimal’ tune with Crookers and Salt & Pepper’s ‘Push It’ one of the biggest tunes of 2009. Stop for breath. No! Slyde’s ‘Slippedy Starter’ gave a nod to the old school Finger Lickin’ days then Control Z’s remix of a Dylan Rhymes tune took the roof off bringing the set back to the pure breaks orgy. Dub Step has taken over in 2009 and to be honest it doesn’t rock my boat too much, however when Shack of Elite Force hijacked TC’s ‘Where’s my Money’ the result was a deadly dancey and hard hitting melange that has become a main stay in recent sets. Then a classic from the Finger Lickin’ vaults ‘The Push’ by the Plumps, another awesome Fake Blood production ‘The Dozens’ and then as any superstar dj should, I did...I ended with the outstanding 2 Many DJs remix of Chems ‘Superstar DJs’.

What can I say, San Francisco has something unique. An up for it, musically educated, warm, super friendly and crazy bunch of nutters. Truly an incredible honour to be a part of – Huge respect to everyone who came and heard the set and to the Space Cowboys I raise my glass – Have a great 2010 and see y’all soon. Justin Rushmore."

Track List
1. Count Sinden - Strange Things
2. Happy New Year! from The Ragga Twins
3. Deekline - Outer Space VIP feat. Top Cat
4. Deadmau5 - Ghosts 'n Stuff (Elite Force Re-Fix)
5. DJ Fixx - Shake it
6. Miles Dyson - Outro
7. Alan Braxe - Intro
8. Andy Caldwell - Funk Nasty feat. Grandma Funk (Krafty Kuts Remix)
9. South Rakkas Crew - Mad Again (Fake Blood Remix)
10. Plump DJs - I’ll Be Good
11. Drumattic Twins - Crazy Love (Peo De Pitte Remix)
12. ‘Minimal’ by Lady Waks vs. ‘Push It’ (Crooker's Remix) by Salt & Pepper
13. Slyde - Slippedy Starter
14. Dylan Rhymes, Pablo Decoder - I Am Sweet (Control Z Remix)
15. TC - Where's My Money? (Caspa Mix, Elite Force Re-Fix)
16. Plump DJs - The Push
17. Fake Blood - The Dozens
18. Chems - Superstar DJs (2 Many DJs Remix)

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