Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Emanul Kosh - Make My Music (Zodiac Cartel Mix)

Charleston, House, Electro, Zodiac Cartel, Dirty, Filth, Jazz, Tech-Funk,

Brand new mix I did for Electric Sushi. I fancied the challenge of working with some Benny Goodman from trad-era jazz - made a really cool change from the usual stuff and I'm dead pleased with how the mix worked out. Let me know what u think :)

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Released by: Electric Sushi

All the cats join in ...

Emanul Kosh - Make My Music (Zodiac Cartel Mix) TASTER by Zodiac Cartel


Emanuel said...

Very Interesting post on Emanul Kosh - Make My Music (Zodiac Cartel Mix), Thanks for sharing.

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roll said...

amazing, so raw, one of my all time favs! thanks for sharing!

steve magiclantern said...

brilliant....can i do a video?

elite force said...

@Steve Of course mate - would be right up your street!