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Interview :: The Loops Of Fury

Interview by Adan

So you guys originally started working together as Hyperion, was there a particular reason for changing names to The Loops Of Fury?

Jim: We called ourselves Hyperion when we started playing clubs, so it was the logical choice of name when we had tunes to release. What we didn't realise at the time is that there are several Hyperion's out there, so it was a choice between Hyperion(oz) or something a little better...

Is the new moniker an homage to the Chemical Brothers, or is that just a coincidence?

Max: Yeah it is a bit of an homage to the Chemies, they're one of our favourite acts. But the name just fit the music like a glove, so with or without the Chems reference we would have gone for it.

How did The Loops Of Fury first hook up with sHack and U&A Recordings?

Jim: We first met sHack at one of his Brisbane gigs a few years ago. I think we may have pestered him all night about tunes, but he was very cool and actually ended up letting us drink his rider. We've been mates with him since, so we were stoked when he wanted to release "On The Expressway" on U&A!

What was your initial approach towards compiling the U&A mix, and selecting which tracks to include?

Max: Being big fans of the music U&A have put out since the start, track selection was a little difficult to start off with! Where do you begin? But we whittled it down to the standout faves and went from there. Once we got started it just flowed - the diversity of U&A's catalogue made things easier!

The 'Flick A Switch' remix package was huge, with solid interpretations all around. Which mix were ya most interested in hearing initially? And didya have any input on the selection of remixers or was that left to the label?

Jim: I think we were pretty blown away by the DJ Dan & Mike Balance mix when we heard it. What a wicked remix, and it's still doing well! That said I've heard the Hijack mix more out in clubs and it bangs, so coupled with Mike Hulme's techno monster we are very happy with the release! As for input, we normally have a bit of a discussion about remixers when we send a new tune over to sHack to try and get the best quality overall sound. So for instance we were pretty keen to get Peo De Pitte on for the SOAP release, and sHack managed to get Hatiras to do a mix as well which is all class.

The Loops Of Fury - SOAP (Peo De Pitte Remix) (128k Taster) by U&A Recordings

Australia has been a hotbed for talented producers the last few years, what is it about the dance scene there?

Max: I think we get so many high profile DJs and producers coming through that just blow you away when you see them, you can't help but want to be a part of the action! And subsequently there are alot of local DJs and producers doing big things that are only too happy to give a helping hand to the up and comers. It's quite a healthy scene over here really.

How did you two first start working together?

Jim: Yeah we've known each other for ages, we actually met playing club soccer in grade 2! We got massively hooked on The Prodigy's "Digital Punks" video - with Liam bashing on synths and making crazy sounds - and decided we wanted to make music. We still maintain that ethos in our shows, there are always plenty of synths, FX and jumping around!

What were your individual influences that brought you to dance music?

Max: Well we both got into dance music at a young age, starting off with early Prodigy, Propellerheads, Chemical Brothers and going on from there. Nothing too eclectic though, I was (and still am!) a die hard Kraftwerk fan. I'm the operator, with my pocket calculator....

When working on original tunes, do you guys separate the workload or work together for the most part?

Jim: It depends on the tune, but generally we build the song up together. It's always handy to have the odd session by yourself in the studio though, sometimes it's much easier to nut something out by yourself!

The Loops Of Fury - Flick A Switch (DJ Dan & Mike Balance Mix) (PREVIEW) by U&A Recordings

Any particular compliments and/or contrasts going on between you in the studio?

Max: Yeah we work well together in the studio, we've been best mates since primary school so we know each other quite well. Jim's good with crazy noises and effects, I like a good bit of engineering (hey someone's gotta do it!). Everything else we do fairly evenly.

Hardware or software? Favourite piece of gear, or VST?

Jim: We've got a Virus Indigo 2, Dave Smith Mono Evolver, Roland SH-101 and a bunch of other machines lying around in the studio, although we are finding that we are using VSTs more and more these days. The quality of software these days is downright amazing, half the time you can't even tell if a sound has been made with a synth or a computer. But of course it doesn't really matter how you make your noise, if it makes people jump around then you're doing it right!

How about a rundown of upcoming releases, remixes, tours for The Loops Of Fury?

Max: Release wise we've got our remix of the Rektchordz track "Speaker Bump" out on U&A in the next month or so, our remix of Dirty Super Car's "Get A Grip" on the Plump DJ's new label Grand Hotel Records out next month and a new single on U&A soon after that. Gig wise we're hitting up Halo in Hobart in mid May and playing an outdoor event at Port Macquarie in April. Really looking forward to those!

Aaaand stay tuned for our new website where you can get free bootlegs, mixes and other goodies. Bam!

Any parting words for the Tech Funk Manifesto?

Jim: Eat your crusts!


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