Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The Loops of Fury - Flick A Switch (Original Mix)

We are all SO hyped at U&A to be releasing this single later on this month. Seriously, it's not every day that something BRAND NEW comes along that grabs you by the balls & runs with you screaming, naked & unashamed down the busiest shopping street in London with your sorry sack in it's evil clutches, bawling & spitting as you fly past the passers-by howling 'FLICK A SWIIIIIIIIITCH'. Um. Yeah.

Anyway, p33p it here, first, on the mighty TFM :)

1 comment:

djcarolcampos said...

Oh my God, this tune is awesome!!
I am totally addicted to it from the Elite Force mini mix....
Thank you!
Love you!