Thursday, 3 March 2011

Fake Blood Vs Daft Punk Vs Zodiac Cartel - Mashup on Mars [320]

A staple of the General's sets for some time now & finally let off it's leash, we're thrilled to be giving up the massive Fake Blood meets Daft Punk meets Zodiac Cartel mashup as a full 320. Hit ZODIAC CARTEL up on his FACEBOOK PAGE if you'd rather download it from there (just LIKE the page) & for a preview, check the SOUNDCLOUD LINK. He also Tweets a mean Tweet on his TWITTER PAGE (when he's not out on inter-galactic bidniz).

The massive new Zod single 'Aktion / Just Do It' is also out this week on BEATPORT - grab a copy. It's hotter than yo mamma & twice as heavy.


   Fake Blood Vs Zodiac Cartel - Mashup on Mars (FREE DOWNLOAD - READ COMMENTS) by Zodiac Cartel

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