Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Big Beat Reunion - a one-off Elite Force DJ Mix (Live & Direct)

  Big Beat Reunion - Elite Force Live Mix March 2011 by Elite Force 


This Friday just gone I found myself at the Big Beat Reunion in London's lovely but shady Jammm in Brixton, one of my old stomping grounds. I'm always slight wrong-footed by South London ... even though I know it so well, it has an intensity about it that you seldom find North of the river with layer on layer of humanity battling for survival space. As an example, the cab ride back to the hotel afterwards was full of banter & was strangely worth the £22 I was knowingly being *fleeced* for a four mile ride.

To say the gig was an unusual one for me to take would be understatement. I've never before agreed to do an old skool / big beat set, and despite the huge time-drain of 3 full days of preparation, it was actually a great - re-education sifting through the piles of old vinyl. Each banger I unearthed was greeted like a long lost friend, even to the point of 'knowing smiles' accompanying the recall of each bit of vinyl's unique quirks. Trying to mix these rough & ready slices of history together was a whole new ballgame & my plan to journey from 107 - 137 bpm seemed like a good idea in principal, but in practice it was a wild beast of a ride, and one that was hard to tame for much of the time.

Here is the set in all it's rough glory. Thanks to the Noise crew for snagging a most unexpected recording.

Grab it quickly - not sure how long I want this one up here for!

Midfield General - Devil In Sports Casual
Ceasefire - Trickshot
Eddie Scratch & DC - Dusty's Sermon
Dave Clarke - No One's Driving (Chemical Brothers Mix)
Cut & Paste - Cut It Nice - Original Mix
Freestylers - Breaker Beats Part One
Head Lamp - Petrol Salt Lick
Wax Assassins - Feel The Funk Baby
The Chemical Brothers - The Loops of Fury
Roxy Breaks - Apache Rock
The Wiseguys - Start the Commotion (Put the Body in Motion)
CHARLATANS, The - Nine Acre Dust (Chemical Brothers remix)
Basco- Rock The Funky Beat
Sol Brothers - That Elvis Track
Fathead, 2 Fat Buddahs- Cut The Music - Original Mix
Fatboy Slim Vs Bassbin Twins - 2 Aaaw Shut Up
Bassbin Twins & Doom Selector - Between The Fro
Laidback- Cold Rock
Josh Wink - Higher State of Consciousness
Laidback- Cold Rock (Reprise)
Elite Force- EF001 Go Rockin' Beats
The Treble Spankers- Samira (The Eboman's Bakkuf Beats - Mix)
Lunatic Calm - Leave You Far Behind -Lunatics Rollercoaster Mix
Definition of Sound- Outsider (Lunatic Calm Mix)
Messiah- There Is No Law
Curve - Chinese Burn (Lunatic Calm Remix)
Fatboy Slim - Going Out of my Head
SCHUMACHER, Timmy - Bring Back Big Beat
Chemical Brothers - Psychedelic Reel (Elite Force Edit)

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