Thursday, 9 September 2010

Elite Force @ Opulent Temple 2010

I've been AWOL in the desert. Burning Man this year was ten times the head-jam that last year's was (and that left me utterly floored). As usual it will take weeks to process the experience, and probably longer to find the right words to describe the indescribable, but in the meantime I'll be dropping a series of video edits on the blog.

First up, the jaw-dropping Saturday night set at Opulent Temple. I loved the changes that OT made this year, bringing the perimeter in tighter, tweaking the flame guns on top of the booth, and massively improving the fire control that the DJ (yes the DJ!!) has inside the booth, not to mention the reconfiguration of the bottom end of the system which meant you could hear it from the DEEP Playa.

This felt like a homecoming in the truest sense of the word )*(

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