Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Bitrok - DJ Mix (September 2010)

The Bitrok boys from Brisbane have been a little quiet of late, opting to hone their tech-funk trade in the studio, and in doing so have actually generated an album of great diversity & range. But, to prove they haven't gone all dancefloor-shy on yo ass, they've cooked up a seamless one-hour mix with their acid-tinged-filth-stylings to the fore. On 18th October, the boys release their debut on U&A Recordings ('Push The Envelope'), but before that enjoy their mix & show 'em some love on their SOUNDCLOUD PAGE.

1. Allen Alexis - Secrets Of Love (Electric Lamb RMX)
2. The Finger Prince - Trident
3. Bitrok - Push The Envelope
4. Hey Today! - Strange
5. Platto - Revolution 666 VS Hot Chip - I Feel Better
6. Green Velvet - Harmageddon (Santiago & Bushido RMX)
7. Bitrok feat. Johnny Mackay - Constellation Down (Bitrok's Club RMX)
8. Underworld - Always Loved A Film (Michael Woods RMX/DubMix)
9. Cirez D - The Tumble
10. Funkagenda - Astana
11. Ant Brooks – Amba


Bitrok's Spring 2010 DJ Mix by Bitrok


Bobby Kessler said...

Confused about the content on this one. It's posted in September, the title says September, but when you get to soundcloud it says Bitrok's Spring 2010 DJ Mix?

elite force said...

It's because it's Spring in Australia right now ... :)

Mátyás said...

i'm looking forward to this release :)

Bobby Kessler said...

sHack, I feel like a total idiot. I guess I forget about that whole "southern hemisphere" thing. Cheers!

elite force said...

No worries mate - it's a topsy-turvey world out there!

sobersteve said...

was this file not called dj mix sept 2010 + l3? i'm sure i downloaded this mix but the one on my ipod is completley different. i know for a fact i only downloaded mixes from this site on the day in question. help?

elite force said...

I don't know about file names or what you downloaded on a given day mate - as far as I know nothing's changed by way of the download. Check what you have against the Soundcloud stream?

lala said...

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