Friday, 6 August 2010

New compilation from Myagi - Donations to Temple of Flux welcome!

It's been about 2 years since the last proper Myagi studio album and about a year and a half since he started his label Pop And Lock, so Andrew Mavor (as his family like to call him) figured it was about time to do a new "compilation" of sorts to hold things over until he finishes his next album, due out later this year or early next. It's also for charity! 100% of the proceeds from any donations you make go to Burning Man's Temple of Flux, a massive construction project that needs all the support it can get.

You can download the comp and donate HERE, and read more about the Temple below!

Notes From Myagi:

"San Francisco is a city very dear to me, and has been the site of some of my favourite shows I've played in my 6 years of touring or so... The city has a great nightlife scene and is also a hub for the festival / phenomenon Burning Man, a week long celebration of music, art and lifestyle in the desert. The festival is very much a labor of love - I knew this already, but didn't comprehend the degree to which the word "labor" comes into play until a recent trip to the bay area to do a benefit show with Elite Force, Soul Of Man and Slyde for the 2010 Temple Of Flux, a massive construction and project that involves numerous friends of mine."

You can check out a bit of a "walkthrough" of the Temple as a rendered animation here:

Please check out the album and if you feel inclined (at I hope you do) donate as much as you like / can to help a bunch of VERY talented people do something very special.

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Temple Of Sound

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