Thursday, 15 April 2010

Rektchordz - April 2010 Mini-Mix

U&A stalwart & tech-funk prodigy Rektchordz (aka Jamie Smithson) is back & firing on all cylinders with his latest bomb from the techy trenches ('Speaker Bump' on U&A) and he's just put together a brand new 30-minute mini-mix for your listening pleasure :)

The mix is up for free download right here on the Manifesto

Rektchordz April 2010 Mini-Mix by Rektchordz


Louis Dimond-Leek feat. Luciouz - Libex Rem (Pink Rabbit)
Bobby Burn, Afrojack- Real High (Wall Recordings)
Rektchordz- Speaker Bump (The Loops Of Fury Remix) (U&A)
Stripper- The Stripper Theme ( Shnorkel, Squarez, Rektchordz RE-MASH) (CDR)
Calvin Harris- Stars Come Out (Rektchordz Remix) (CDR)
Rektchordz - Speaker Bump (U&A)
Moby-Wait For Me (Zodiac Cartel Remix) (Little Idiot)

The new single 'Speaker Bump' is available NOW from Beatport with remixes from Vaski, Pete Jordan and The Loops of Fury - GRAB IT NOW

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