Friday, 15 May 2009

Nathan Fake :: On The Mix (May '09)

Always had a soft spot for Nathan Fake's gear, ever since his 'Outhouse' mix (which I still consider one of the finest moments in electronic dancefloor music). So yeah, sometimes he does to verge on clevverclevver IDM a little too often for these ears, but having said that, this is a cracking mix from him, as part of the DJMix Podcast series.

1. Julian Fane - Disaster Location (Planet Mu)

2. Ex-pylon - Prolotouswings (n/a)

3. Avus - Wide Mouth Frog (n/a)

4. Four Tet - Ribbons (Domino)

5. Autechre - Basscadet (Warp)

6. Boards of Canada - ? (?)

7. Ariel Pink - For Kate I Wait (Paw Tracks)

8. AFX – I’m Self Employed (Rephlex)

9. Arthur Russell - Arm Around You (Audika)
10. Carl Lozito Jr. - The Great Bear (n/a)

11. Matmos - Polychords (Matador)

12. Angel Rada - Basheeba Uranium Records

13. Black Dice - Things Will Never be the Same (Fatcat Records)



DVNT / makemassair said...

Urm, yes please sHack and crew.

nuken said...

hard islands is tastyyyyyyyyyy
luv the album, one of my top5 2009.... i ran to buy the album after hearing the mp3.