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At TFM we like to get a little more in depth now & then with the artists we know and love, and we've drafted in the most excellent wordsmith Nick Bleeker to craft this in-depth expose of new wunderkid, Peo de Pitte who's so hot right now he actually caught fire in East London the other night.

His recent single 'Burning Up' hit the #1 spot on Beatport and an amazing remix package has just dropped, featuring BANGERS from the Bassbin Twins, Zodiac Cartel and Torqux & Twist.


He has also just dropped a MASSIVE mixtape for your free download ... it sums up his sound perfectly.


Meanwhile, this is Peo' story ....

My man, Peo De Pitte! Things are hot for you right now! Update, let’s go!
Yeah, new year, loads of new tracks… I’m excited! Just as excited as I am when trying to figure out what wig to wear on a Friday night ;)

Your sound is rather unique in time where dance music is starting to really experiment with hybrid genres [genre cross overs] how did you come across the meaty hip-hop-esque beats and rhythms that pepper your releases? There’s a noticeable influence from a ton of different genres.
Hmm, yeah I have a quite diverse music taste. I started out as a DJ on a radio station when I was 13 and then got into making dance music on Atari and old school samplers. I’ve been working as a fulltime music producer and done everything from pop to house, garage, breakbeat, raregrooves etc…
I’m really into well produced beats and thoughtful musical riffs... If drums ain’t rocking I find it quite hard to like the track to be honest…. It sets the mood for me… I guess it originates from my youth when I was constantly listening to hip-hop oriented dance music….
2 years ago I made a decision to just frankly not give a shit about what people dictated as genres and just do my thing. It’s pretty much a mix of my musical history with a slap of fucked up Peo weirdness.
Do you think that your sound is one that will catch on with the recent influences of hip-hop styled Dubstep, the blogs are catching on and beginning to be the first to promote the freshest music [both illegally and legally] do you feel that the sound is suited to the current taste of music being promoted by blogs, or do you feel like you have to be one step ahead of the game?
One always has to be a step ahead of the game… sometimes it’s hard as certain releases take time to get released and that’s where blogs and bootlegs comes in … blogs are quick and fast and gets your tracks out to a big amount of people… 

What about blogs as a source of newly released music? In talking to a few different artists over the years, I’ve found some actively support it, some are forced to support it and some want the blogs to stop. What’s the view on music blogging?
I got loads of help from the blogs last year… The Riverside remix went through the roof with downloads and even Ministry of Sound hit me up and wanted to release it, there were a bit too many samples in there to be able to do a commercial release though.. But I think we are reaching 100 000 downloads soon of it, so it’s still being downloaded every month..
Most promoters who booked me last year heard of me from the blogs. In a perfect world it would be nice to get the big fat royalties from record sales as you did back in the day, but times have changed and I’ve got nothing but love for the blogs…. Big ups to everyone who spread the word about me last year!!!!                  !

Burning Up is just about to drop on U&A. U&A’s a big signing for you, especially because it contains a rare diversity for a record label, did it influence the way in which you produced Burning Up and Berlusconi?
I did a remix for Loops of Fury at the beginning of last year and since then Shack was on me about a single release on U&A. I got caught up with remixes and other collaborations but really wanted to be on U&A again and just decided to sit down and crank out some new banging tracks on my own.
I knew Burning Up was something that both Shack and I would be into and he really liked it. Berlusconi was a bit of a laugh really.. I wanted to bring in some weird soul feel in the breakdowns and then kick off with minimal groovy house... I’m going to Italy this summer… Love to drop it there, evil grin ;)
How has U&A treated you? I know that Shack eyes quality more than anything else in the world. How has the artistic relationship with you and the gang over at U&A developed?
U&A is the perfect label to be on, nothing is left to coincidence or chance. It’s what you need these days. You hear about all these DJ’s who start their own label and thinks it’s easy, it’s not… It’s harder than ever to get through the white noise on internet, sales are lower than ever, all DJ’s inboxes are exploding with underproduced music promos and peoples attention span is extremely short. U&A is one of those labels that have embraced new technology in an amazing way. There will definitely be more banging Peo de Pitte material on U&A this year!

What’s to come in the next few months? Release wise?
Oh, yeah… I’ve got one upcoming release on Lee Mortimer’s label Warehouse and one release on Will Bailey’s imprint Simma Records in the upcoming months. I completed remixes for Tony Senghore, Will Bailey and another huge dance act (I’ll keep that one secret so far). 2 cheeky bootlegs are also done and ehm, might end up on blogs soon ;)
Just doing a remix now for my friend Per QX and then after that it’s time to crack on with more original material for U&A!

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