Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Lee Coombs Techfunk Podcast Episode #9 & Thrust returns!

I'll let Lee take the stage on this one...

''This month we have big news! Thrust Recordings is due to be re launched on 17th January 2011 when the first single gets released on Beatport. The next single is previewed here in this months episode, kicking off the mix with 'Drone'. Check out Thrust on Facebook Thrust RecordingsI'd like to personally thank everybody who has supported me this year, it's been a lot of fun and I've had the pleasure of meeting lots of amazing people. I hope you have a wonderful time over the holiday period.''

1. Lee Coombs - Drone - Thrust Recordings (Released Jan 17th 2011)
2. Secret Cinema - Pass the Dutchie - Reset Robot remix - Mistakes Music
3. Jan Driver - Gain Reaction - Boysnoize Music
4. Lee Coombs and Uberzone - Right Now - Lot49
5. Afrojack - Replica - Wall Recordings
6. Mike Hulme - Set the Controls - Hedflux remix - U&A
7. Plump DJs - Light Fantastic - Grand Hotel
8. Lee Coombs - Djembe - Thrust Recordings (Released Jan 17th 2011)
9. Lee Coombs - Ambar - CDR
10. Digital Base - Precision - Ibreaks
11. Atomic Hooligan - Is this real - Functional

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