Wednesday, 16 June 2010

I.D. :: Promo Mix and 320 Tune

Sub Slayers release number three from I.D. sits between restrained dubstep beats and moody urban breaks. And it's getting love from all over the bass entrenched world.

I.D free track: Mustang VIP at full 320.

17 Jul 10 - Jay Cunning & Fearless MC with makemassair on visuals

01: Excision 'System Check' [Rottun]

02: Pyramid VS Wizard 'War Of The Worlds' [Funkatech]

03: Buckfunk 3000 'Jump' (VENT remix) [Hardcore Beats]

04: Pixel Fist 'Speaka Freaka' [Rocstar]

05: Ivory 'Hand Grenade' (Excision & Datsik remix) [Rat Records]

06: Ivory 'Hand Grenade' [Rat Records]

07: I.D. 'Fresh Air' [Sub Slayers]

08: Gella VS Jinx 'Start the Panic' [Sub Slayers]

09: Bubu 'Suicide Girls' [Flextone]

10: Schema 'Rat Bastard' [Sub Slayers]

11: Benga '26 Basslines' (Elite Force Edit) [Unreleased]

12: Jammin 'Uptalkin' [Jammin]

13: I.D. 'Tell Ya' [Sub Slayers]

14: Snarophobe 'Dead Duck' [Sub Slayers]

15: Nero 'Act Like You Know' [Breakbeat Kaos]

16: Skream 'Burning Up' [Digital Soundboy]

17: Gella ft $pyda 'Twinkle' (Pyramids 'Stop The Talkin' Remix) [Sub Slayers]

18: VENT VS Reso 'Rumble' (Breaks Mix) [Unreleased]

19: Felix Stone ft Astra 'Solvent' (Lunar Shift Remix) [Flextone]

20: Schema 'Turn Off The Lights' [Sub Slayers]

21: Elite Force 'Law Of Life' [U&A]

22: Excision & Datsik 'Calypso' [Rottun]

23: Bare Noize 'Plant Food' [Audio Freaks]

24: High Rankin 'Meow Meow' [Cheaper Thrills]

25: Bassbin Twins 'Whistle Choon' [Bassbin Records]

26: Reso 'Beasts In The Basement' [Civil Music]

27: Excision & Noize 'Force' [Rottun]

28: VENT 'Feedback' [Hardcore Beats]

29: Pyramid 'Trouble' [Funkatech]

30: VENT 'Encoded VIP' [Hardcore Beats]

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Ro.B said...

thanks for free tune!
i.d. style - i like

cunning one mix is wicked!